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So Delushious !

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It’s been a while but rather than address it, let’s pretend I never left (like your dad!) (yikes) (jk)

So we are in bliss. Obviously so happy, but more than that, SO HUNGRY.

“What are you doing to get ready for the wedding?” was a question I dreaded answering, because there is nothing I hate more than diet talk . But I’ve decided the only thing worse than diet talk are people pretending they eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and still look good. Lying. Bastards.

Before the wedding, I decided I would stop with the low-carb. I mean, it works for a bit. But hello. The fact I could eat 10 pounds of bacon and not a piece of pineapple — well that was a bit insane. I ate normally, incorporated grains that I am ashamed to even know the names of, and…..WORKED. OUT. I actually kind…

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Me in two …

They say that the eye is the door to a person’s soul. Eyes are so hard to read, though. See… It is my belief that our actions, and our words, are the doors to the soul. Some think this to be ridiculous, criticizing about those who murder and such, or lie. Well.. Who said there was only one door? I say there are many doors, we just have to find the right one..