So Delushious !

I very rarely give a fuck about what anyone writes about me. I mean I definitely do give a fuck, but I give a fuck here:

“Chrissy Teigan is married…and in being married has found a new low level strategy to get noticed…that involves showing her nippple..

She’s a little Pug-Faced, and not in a good way, because if you know anything about me or the site, I have a #stepPUG and I call myself a Pug Whisperer, but human pugs aren’t quite as cute…

She’s just not really hot at all, and sure she has tits and a body, and has been in SI, but I think it’s time for her to just get knocked up and live that gold digging wife life…

She bores me, even with all her twitter jokes….that suck…time to shut it down.”

Before I continue, this is NOT a woe-is-me post. I have such…

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